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My first fanvid [20 Aug 2008|10:06pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

"Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5, with visuals from the Firefly episode "Out of Gas."

For your viewing pleasure, Firefly - Marooned:

Also available through Google Video.

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AKICILJ? [22 May 2008|08:41pm]
Out of curiousity, can any LJ-gurus tell me how (and with which styles) one can make LJ display its tags (or categories) in an indented list, like the tags page for torch_wood or the sidebar on hp_essays?

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LJ == Lame Jokes? [23 Feb 2008|10:25am]
According to the_lj_herald (link), LJ has added several new virtual gifts: "Ban Me" Sign, "De-Friend Me" Sign, "Kick Me" Sign and "Troll Me" Sign
I suspect these are intended for April Fool's Day, but given the site's penchant for drama they could also potentially turn nasty -- particularly since v-gifts can be sent anonymously.

You can disable receipt of virtual gifts on your settings page.
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Icon loading issues? [19 Dec 2007|10:05pm]
Anybody else experiencing problems with LJ where no userpics load?

Or is it just something with my settings?
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If you wank it, they shall meme [05 Aug 2007|11:09pm]
How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension40
Your crimeWriting Sam/Dean non-con underage incest fic so sappy it gives your flist caveties.
Who reported youautographedcat
Your fateYou buy a tropical island and start a whole new country, where fandom can live at peace, unmolested by those who do not understand. Two months later, the entire population is killed in the TezuRyo - TezuFuji ship wars.

Just realized while filling this out that I created my LJ 6 years and 3 days ago. How time flies...

Unfortunately, I don't watch Supernatural, so am unlikely to write fic about it.
autographedcat, is there anything you wanted to tell me? :)

Update: Alternate answerCollapse )
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LJ Herald - Sponsored Content Change [05 Aug 2007|07:15pm]
BTW, are you reading the_lj_herald? It posts regular digests with information compiled from news, lj_biz along with other announcements and updates. One-stop-summation for the latest info about LJ.

At any rate, I thought you paid & permanent users would appreciate being informed of this:
Sponsored 'content', which used to be assimilated to advertising, no longer is. Consequently, it is and will be shown to all users, including Paid and Permanent users. (Source)
Further explanations in the comments:
According to LiveJournal officials, "Sponsorship is different from ads. [...] Paid users may see sponsored mood themes, journal themes or other content if they're viewing the journal of a user who has chosen to use one of the sponsored features."

If they choose to do so, users can use Diet Pepsi MAX sponsored styles and a Diet Pepsi MAX sponsored mood theme. LiveJournal used to say that "sponsored 'whatever' [were] ads". Now they seem to think that "sponsorship is different from ads". So, if a Paid or a Permanent user has a friend who has chosen to use the Diet Pepsi MAX mood theme, they will see Diet Pepsi MAX mood icons on their friends page or on this person's layout. If they go to the journal of a user who is using a Diet Pepsi MAX layout, they will see the Diet Pepsi MAX layout just like any other user would.
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Mojo [12 Apr 2007|11:57am]

Can somebody explain this meme to me?

{img alt="Mojo" src="http://ljmojo.whitehat.net.nz/graphs/8f92ec47feb12f8f3d11c37f3389eae38ba2a7fb/7958.png" height="306" width="291" />
Find my LJ Mojo!

All it asked was who on my flist I have dated, and it returned the following stats:

friendly: 100%
promiscuous: 9%
random: 44%
wise: 100%
cool: 100%
hard to get: 0%

Presumably, promiscuous is based on the number of people on my flist I've dated.
There's probably something based on how many of those I've dated are mutual friends (in my case, all of them). But what the heck are the rest supposed to mean?

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Four Questions? (third year) [13 Mar 2007|10:35am]

crossposted from riba_rambles

Two years ago I had an idea...

My First Four Questions bib

Part of the Passover ritual involves the youngest person at the seder asking Four Questions, which is supposed to instigate the retelling of the Passover story. [For more information on this, see JewFaq.]

In too many families, the actual youngest participant is too young to actually recite the Questions. Usually, in these situations, the onus falls upon the youngest child actually articulate, but what if there were another way?

With this in mind, I've created a bib with the words written upon it. When it's the baby's turn in the spotlight, somebody can just hold the kid up for everybody to read!

Problem solved! And here's my CafePress shop!!!

Baby bibs for everyone!

And, since it's no more trouble for me, I've created infant/toddler t-shirts and one-pieces, although given it's really only for two days of the year and kids grow so fast, the bib is probably the most practical.

Since last year, CafePress has added colors, so the shirts and onesies are available in pink, blue, or yellow, for those who prefer pastels.

Anyways, if you know anybody expecting a small child at the seder, send 'em my way.

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Help planning an April Fools prank [28 Feb 2007|12:58pm]
I'm posting this here rather than riba_rambles to avoid cluing in coworkers or superiors.*

Over a year ago, my department moved into a new building.
The walls are rather bare.
There's been ongoing discussion about putting up some artwork, but so far nothing has come of it.

I had the brilliant idea that for April Fools' Day, I should just break the logjam and hang some art in the public areas: dogs playing poker, sad-eyed clowns, bullfighters, velvet Elvis, that kind of thing**...

Catch is, I would consider anything I buy for this purpose to be disposable.
I don't want to spend a lot of money on this

So, any suggestions of the cheapest possible means of getting this kind of 2D kitsch?
Figure I'm looking for at 3 - 6 posters, and would like to keep expenses under $20.

Thanks in advance.

*I know at least one coworker reads this LJ. Please don't tell; I'd like to preserve the surprise. Though if you'd like to help, whether in putting up posters or with preservation advice to avoid getting in trouble, I'd appreciate it.
**Nothing offensive in any sense but aesthetically -- which means no cheesecake pinups. This is a place of business, and not one I'm anxious to leave.
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Well, this is pretty [25 Jan 2007|07:26am]
Don't know what it means, but...

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®
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If LJ Were a High School - Heh [18 Jan 2007|08:00am]
Meme behind cut-tag -- check if your name made the listCollapse )
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Nyaaaargh!!! (rassin-frassin LJ) [09 Jan 2007|07:11pm]
Twice now, I've tried to leave a comment on somebody else's journal, only to get
Error Invalid form submission. Please refresh and try again.
And because LJ uses these fancy dynamically-generated forms instead of the old ?mode=reply URL, the browser back button won't work to access my comment text. In fact, I don't know of ANY way of going back to recopy the text I wrote.

Thanks for the "update" LJ!
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Illegal GOP pre-election dirty tricks [05 Nov 2006|08:57pm]
[Crossposted from riba_rambles because news needs to get out]

Josh Marshall and the folks @ Talking Points Memo is all over this.

Here are the details, in brief:

  • The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) is making automated telephone calls, known as "robo calls."
  • The calls begin "Hello, I'm calling with information about <Democratic candidate>"
  • If the recipient listens to the whole call, it slams the Democrat, spewing all kinds of poison.
  • If the recipient hangs up, it calls back multiple times, flooding the line and calling at ungdly hours of the early morning.
    Since the recipient didn't listen to the whole message, they think the Democratic candidate is the one placing the calls.
  • This is happening in at least 53 competitive House races.
  • FCC rules say all prerecorded messages must "at the beginning of the message, state clearly the identity of the business, individual, or other entity that is responsible for initiating the call."
    The GOP is the entity responsible, but the start of the call only identifies the Democratic candidate.
  • Illegal telephone harassment isn't new to the GOP -- New Hampshire RNC directors were found guilty of similar stunts in the 2002 election.

If you hear of anybody getting flooded with robocalls, make sure they know the blame lies with the GOP, not the Democrat who's being doubly smeared.

Also, Josh Marshall and his crew are looking to hear from people who received these calls, so spread the word.

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Looking for fanfic [10 Oct 2006|12:21pm]
I'b home sick with a cold, and what I could really use is some good hot fanfic to keep my temperature up.

Any recommendations?

My preferred pairings (in HP fandom) include HP/DM, HrG/DM, RW/DM, PW/DM, PW/LM, PW/SS, HP/SS, HrG/SS, RW/SS -- generally Gryffindor/Slytherin antagonistic pairings, slash or het.
I'm more into reading about characters just getting involved over established relationships.
Not terribly into Marauder-era fics nor Draco/Ginny nor excessive fluff; I do enjoy interesting AUs.

Any rating welcome (despite my jokes about something "hot" above) I just want something good to read.
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Foley breakthru [04 Oct 2006|07:10pm]
Two new posts on the Foley scandal over on riba_rambles!

Unfortunately, the latest update made my RSS feed too big for LJ's engines and now LJ is refusing to even look at my feed for another three hours.

So go to http://www.ribarambles.org to read:Thanks!
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I grumble in LJ's general direction [13 Aug 2006|09:27pm]
for not bothering to check my syndicated feed for seven hours so far, after I tried so hard to post my review so area folks might be able to get to tonight's performance of AYLI (only 5 more after that).

I do try to pace my posts so LJ readers won't be overwhelmed. It's much more difficult than when LJ checked my feed hourly...
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Cucumber soup help? [10 Aug 2006|07:40pm]
Last week, during the heatwave, I was looking at the friends page of somebody on my friends list, and noticed a really yummy-sounding recipe for cucumber soup.

Unfortunately, I didn't bother to copy down the link and can't find it any more.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? Seeing a cucumber soup recipe on your flist?
If so, could you let me know?

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Scheduling note [29 Jul 2006|12:50pm]
[Crossposted from riba_rambles, where I've been writing about this opera for the last several days, to avoid syndication delays] Shakespeare and Marlowe in a tender moment...

The new Swedish opera Marlowe is about to air live on Swedish Radio P2.

I believe this should be the correct link for the webcast, or you can just open the streaming audio directly in Windows Media Player, if you want to listen independent of your web browser.

There's some kind of introduction at 1pm EDT (19:00 Swedish time), and the opera itself is scheduled from 1:30 until 4 pm (19:30 — 22:00).

Shakespeare and Marlowe, presumably near the end...

This opera in two acts is a fantasy based on what might have happened during the years in the life of William Shakespeare that are commonly referred to as ‘the lost years’ (the years 1584 — 1592), about which nothing is known about the dramatist and actor who, only one year later in 1593, had made his name in London. Historical fact and free fantasizing based on some of the theories that have been presented for the Bard's lost years are mixed in this opera into a thrilling tale of love, power, espionage, counterfeit and jealousy in a 16th century sub-culture where we meet — besides William Shakespeare himself — among others Christopher Marlowe, the greatest dramatist in England at the time.

The singers are Mattias Nilsson as William Shakespeare, Andreas Landin as Christopher Marlowe and Anna Artursson as Anne Shakespeare. The other roles are played by Jakob Högström, Anna Artursson, Daniel Hällström, Karl Rombo and Joakim Schuster with Andreas Lundmark. Director: Carl Kjellgren. William has been composed by B. Tommy Andersson. Libretto by author Håkan Lindquist.

Length of the performance approx. 2 x 60 mins + interval of 30 mins = 2 hrs 20 mins.

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Because I'm somewhat bored: [29 Jul 2006|09:45am]
I'm 60% LiveJournal!

Maybe starting to get into it a bit too much.
Either that, or your life's really interesting.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes
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Another unannounced LJ-change [14 Jul 2006|07:55pm]
Good news: With so many people adding years to their birthdays to bump up LJ's statistics, LJ has now added an option to display only month and day of your birthday without the year (even if you have entered the year).

Bad news: In so doing, they changed everyone's preferences to not display the birthday at all, even if you previously chose to display it.

Go to http://www.livejournal.com/manage/profile/ to set the option the way you want it.

Via ladysorka via daily_snitch
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