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Scheduling note

[Crossposted from riba_rambles, where I've been writing about this opera for the last several days, to avoid syndication delays] Shakespeare and Marlowe in a tender moment...

The new Swedish opera Marlowe is about to air live on Swedish Radio P2.

I believe this should be the correct link for the webcast, or you can just open the streaming audio directly in Windows Media Player, if you want to listen independent of your web browser.

There's some kind of introduction at 1pm EDT (19:00 Swedish time), and the opera itself is scheduled from 1:30 until 4 pm (19:30 — 22:00).

Shakespeare and Marlowe, presumably near the end...

This opera in two acts is a fantasy based on what might have happened during the years in the life of William Shakespeare that are commonly referred to as ‘the lost years’ (the years 1584 — 1592), about which nothing is known about the dramatist and actor who, only one year later in 1593, had made his name in London. Historical fact and free fantasizing based on some of the theories that have been presented for the Bard's lost years are mixed in this opera into a thrilling tale of love, power, espionage, counterfeit and jealousy in a 16th century sub-culture where we meet — besides William Shakespeare himself — among others Christopher Marlowe, the greatest dramatist in England at the time.

The singers are Mattias Nilsson as William Shakespeare, Andreas Landin as Christopher Marlowe and Anna Artursson as Anne Shakespeare. The other roles are played by Jakob Högström, Anna Artursson, Daniel Hällström, Karl Rombo and Joakim Schuster with Andreas Lundmark. Director: Carl Kjellgren. William has been composed by B. Tommy Andersson. Libretto by author Håkan Lindquist.

Length of the performance approx. 2 x 60 mins + interval of 30 mins = 2 hrs 20 mins.

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