Cheshyre (cheshyre) wrote,

Looking for fanfic

I'b home sick with a cold, and what I could really use is some good hot fanfic to keep my temperature up.

Any recommendations?

My preferred pairings (in HP fandom) include HP/DM, HrG/DM, RW/DM, PW/DM, PW/LM, PW/SS, HP/SS, HrG/SS, RW/SS -- generally Gryffindor/Slytherin antagonistic pairings, slash or het.
I'm more into reading about characters just getting involved over established relationships.
Not terribly into Marauder-era fics nor Draco/Ginny nor excessive fluff; I do enjoy interesting AUs.

Any rating welcome (despite my jokes about something "hot" above) I just want something good to read.
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