Cheshyre (cheshyre) wrote,

Help planning an April Fools prank

I'm posting this here rather than riba_rambles to avoid cluing in coworkers or superiors.*

Over a year ago, my department moved into a new building.
The walls are rather bare.
There's been ongoing discussion about putting up some artwork, but so far nothing has come of it.

I had the brilliant idea that for April Fools' Day, I should just break the logjam and hang some art in the public areas: dogs playing poker, sad-eyed clowns, bullfighters, velvet Elvis, that kind of thing**...

Catch is, I would consider anything I buy for this purpose to be disposable.
I don't want to spend a lot of money on this

So, any suggestions of the cheapest possible means of getting this kind of 2D kitsch?
Figure I'm looking for at 3 - 6 posters, and would like to keep expenses under $20.

Thanks in advance.

*I know at least one coworker reads this LJ. Please don't tell; I'd like to preserve the surprise. Though if you'd like to help, whether in putting up posters or with preservation advice to avoid getting in trouble, I'd appreciate it.
**Nothing offensive in any sense but aesthetically -- which means no cheesecake pinups. This is a place of business, and not one I'm anxious to leave.
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