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Four Questions? (third year)

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Two years ago I had an idea...

My First Four Questions bib

Part of the Passover ritual involves the youngest person at the seder asking Four Questions, which is supposed to instigate the retelling of the Passover story. [For more information on this, see JewFaq.]

In too many families, the actual youngest participant is too young to actually recite the Questions. Usually, in these situations, the onus falls upon the youngest child actually articulate, but what if there were another way?

With this in mind, I've created a bib with the words written upon it. When it's the baby's turn in the spotlight, somebody can just hold the kid up for everybody to read!

Problem solved! And here's my CafePress shop!!!

Baby bibs for everyone!

And, since it's no more trouble for me, I've created infant/toddler t-shirts and one-pieces, although given it's really only for two days of the year and kids grow so fast, the bib is probably the most practical.

Since last year, CafePress has added colors, so the shirts and onesies are available in pink, blue, or yellow, for those who prefer pastels.

Anyways, if you know anybody expecting a small child at the seder, send 'em my way.

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