Cheshyre (cheshyre) wrote,

LJ Herald - Sponsored Content Change

BTW, are you reading the_lj_herald? It posts regular digests with information compiled from news, lj_biz along with other announcements and updates. One-stop-summation for the latest info about LJ.

At any rate, I thought you paid & permanent users would appreciate being informed of this:
Sponsored 'content', which used to be assimilated to advertising, no longer is. Consequently, it is and will be shown to all users, including Paid and Permanent users. (Source)
Further explanations in the comments:
According to LiveJournal officials, "Sponsorship is different from ads. [...] Paid users may see sponsored mood themes, journal themes or other content if they're viewing the journal of a user who has chosen to use one of the sponsored features."

If they choose to do so, users can use Diet Pepsi MAX sponsored styles and a Diet Pepsi MAX sponsored mood theme. LiveJournal used to say that "sponsored 'whatever' [were] ads". Now they seem to think that "sponsorship is different from ads". So, if a Paid or a Permanent user has a friend who has chosen to use the Diet Pepsi MAX mood theme, they will see Diet Pepsi MAX mood icons on their friends page or on this person's layout. If they go to the journal of a user who is using a Diet Pepsi MAX layout, they will see the Diet Pepsi MAX layout just like any other user would.
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